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Here you will find the best in intrigue and all that is fascinating. Variety from talk drama to lifestyle fashion comedy sports and more.

This is the Home of "Game Savvy Latenight: The Show the Player's Watch," Game Savvy Sports, and Fitzone by Erika ...

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We at Savvytelevision can provide an array of convenient and valuable services for any individual or business. Our many capabilities include everything from video/audio production to full business management and representation. Not sure what direction to take your business? Having trouble establishing your brand? Let Savvytelevision use our knowledge and expertise of national Television Markets to serve your business model. 

Savvytelevision offers the following service:

​+ Video Production

+ Audio Production

+ Commercial Ad Campaigns

+ Graphic Design+
+ Talent Booking/Casting
+ Artist/Business Management/Representation
+ Event Coordination

2010 - present

2010 - present

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Please contact us right away for production and management services to increase your cache' and bottomline. 213-842-7225