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FitZone TV

When a local media entrepreneur and a fitness force join up, a high voltage show lights up local TV

Nan Bauer - December 2012


André Savage dreams big. “I’m Berry Gordy. I’ve been waiting for my Michael Jackson to show up. I think I found her.”

Savage’s ‘Jackson’ may be Erika White, and her “ABC” might be FitZone TV. The show, which combines interviews with lo- cal health and nutrition experts, cooking demos, and fitness segments, debuted to 10,000 viewers on September 30 this year. “That was the day..."

Savage World

​Martini Rox - February 2012

When I met Andre Savage, he was a rapper and already way ahead of his time. He wore tweed blazers with a clean-cut college boy style and had a low monotone comedic flow much like Kanye West and Young Money. He was young, arrogant, passionate, easy on the eyes and on the brink of greatness. An entertainer at heart, he was focused on a career in entertainment or television after graduating from college. If his plan to rap didn’t pan out, no worries, as an athlete and sports enthusiast his desire was to be in front of the camera talking about sports.

Game Savvy Late Night

Martini Rox - November 2010

“We’re a bunch of people who think so much of themselves, but don’t really think very much of themselves.” This is the consensus of Andre Savage as he casually talks about the lack of pride in Toledo natives. It is clearly an issue he is passionate about changing, starting with he and his business partners at S&S Management and Consulting.

An Interview with Andre Savage

Michael 'Mercury" Hayes [The Minister of Culture] - February 2012

I’ve known Andre Savage for some time, but Toledo has known him longer. A passionate individual who has turned his love of media, sports and entertainment into a thriving enterprise which not only serves as an entrepreneurial vehicle for him and his team but also helps with Dre, I’ve seen how he operates.
He and I have often faced many of the same hurdles while...

Game Savvy Late Night – “The Show the Players Watch”

Michael 'Mercury" Hayes [The Minister of Culture] - April 2010​

“Stop being so surprised!” You may have heard that phrase recently. If not, it won’t be long before that and others such as “The show the players watch” will easily flow from the mouths of television viewers in northwest Ohio and beyond.


Game Savvy late night hit the airwaves on March 7, 2010. Since its launch, it has created a buzz that​...

Did Toledo Put On For Toledo in 2010?

Michael 'Mercury" Hayes [The Minister of Culture] - February 2012


Andre Savage. You know someone is important when you hear their name before ever meeting them. This is one of those people who I heard about all the time, but in the last two years I can say putting the face with the name (and the voice) has made a huge difference.

Determined to...