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GSL Past Episodes

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Savvy Skits

TeamGSL's brand of Original Sketch Comedy.

GS Sports

Home of the Docustyle drama of Sports  Theatre​​

GSL On Location

TeamGSL is Always on the Move!!! Where will they pop up next?

GS Concert Series

Where the music is the only energy​​

The College Junction

Risa Gouvia drives Everyday Controversy into the Collegiate Pysche ... One Campus at a Time!!

Famous Friends

Game Savvy Latenight is and has one heck of a network. So meet some of our Famous Friends. After all, Our Friends are Your Friends.​​

GS Comic Corner

Where the Legendary fuse with the Legends of tomorrow.

Panel Discussions

TeamGSL sits down with Game Savvy's Special Guests and community figures to discuss the conflicts of life's many experiences.